Azkena Rock Festival 2020

19/20 JUNE 2020


Useful info


chica usa pulsera cashless festival bilbao bbk live

Cada usuario podrá recargar su pulsera antes del festival en la web o por medio de la app oficial (Android y Apple).

También podrá recargarla durante el festival de tres maneras distintas: a través de la app del festival, online desde su teléfono móvil, activando la recarga automática en su cuenta cashless o en los puestos físicos de recarga del propio recinto con efectivo o tarjeta de crédito. Las entradas se canjearán por pulseras en los accesos al recinto del festival y los usuarios podrán consultar su saldo y su consumo en los puestos de recarga y cada vez que vayan a dar el consentimiento de pago al personal del festival.

El festival recomienda realizar la recarga anticipada para evitar colas en el recinto e, incluso, poder acudir al festival sin dinero ni tarjeta de crédito.

La pulsera inteligente cashless lleva incorporado un chip con tecnología RFID/NFC, que permite acceder al recinto y pagar con un simple movimiento de muñeca al situarla en los lectores que manejará el personal del festival. Además de como monedero, la pulsera servirá para acceder al Bilbao BBK Live, por lo que tanto los compradores de entradas de día como los de bono podrán finalmente entrar y salir del recinto tantas veces como deseen.


The intelligent “cashless” wristband will be your ticket access to Bilbao BBK Live as well as your wallet. You will be able to pay at bar counters, food and merchandise stands.

The intelligent wristband incorporates a chip with RFID/NFC technology; by placing it on the access control and payment readers you will be able to access and pay with a simple movement of your wrist.
As well as becoming your entrance ticket, it also becomes your virtual wallet and you will be able to top up the amount of money you wish before, or during, the festival. You can use credit card and/or cash.

You will have to exchange your ticket for your intelligent wristband at the Azkena Rock ticket offices; they will be located at the festival entrance. Your wristband includes a RFID/NFC chip that will allow you to access the festival and pay for everything you consume.

You will be able to top up your wristband before the festival so you only have to worry about having a great time. By registering before the festival you can avoid queues at the top up points. As soon as you swap your ticket for your wristband it will be charged up and ready to use.

You can register on our website. Click here and fill in the register form.
You must enter the code found on your ticket, in the correct box (depending on where you purchased your ticket).

Please insert your code properly. Follow the image example to see where you have to insert the code. Write it in the same order as on your ticket and with the same capitol or small letters.

If you still doesn’t recognise your code, contact us at so we can help you. Ypu will have to send us send us your ticket so we can check whats wrong. We will only use a copy of the ticket to fin out the problem.

Before the festival: You can charge your wristband with your credit card.
During the festival: You can charge your wristband at any of the enabled stands, with credit card, cash or even online at our website or other enabled sites.
Those that have linked their wristband to their credit card will be able to top up at any bar counter or food stand by accepting the reload button.

En la APP del Bilbao BBK Live: Puedes descargar la APP oficial del festival y cargar la pulsera mediante tarjeta de crédito. Podrás recargar antes y durante el Festival. Además con la APP estarás enterado de todas las novedades del festival.

You can collect your wristband at the wristband stand. The money will already be added to your wristband.

No, this year Bilbao BBK Live will be 100% cashless, the only way to pay will be with your intelligent wristbands, you will be able to top up before and during the festival on our website, app or at any of the onsite top up stands.

It’s comfortable, it helps save time and helps you avoid queues. It is also very easy to use if you wish to carry on consuming or buying products onsite, but have run out of credit, you can automatically top up at bar counters, food and merchandise stands. Your wristband will not be topped up without your acceptance. If you accept, your wristband will be topped up with the same amount you initially started of with, so if you started with 20€, that is the amount you will be topped up with. If you prefer to top up with your credit card or in cash, you will have to find the closest top up stand.

You will be able to check your credit at any of the top up and information stands onsite. You will be able to see how much credit you have left by scanning your wristband at any of these points. You will also be able to check your credit when paying for your drinks.

All bar counters, food and merchandise stands are completely cashless (your intelligent wristband is your virtual wallet). Every time you buy a drink you will pay by scanning the chip in your wristband over the payment readers located on the counters.

All bar counters, food and merchandise stands are completely cashless (your intelligent wristband is your virtual wallet). Every time you buy a drink you will pay by scanning the chip in your wristband over the payment readers located on the counters.

No. Each wristband must be registered with a different email.

Yes, there is a minimum and maximum amount.
You can add the following amounts on our website when using your PayPal account or credit card (10€, 20€, 30€, 40€, 50€, 50€ + festival pack).
At the festival you can add from 2€ to 300€ in cash.

If you lose your wristband during the festival please go straight to our info point/helpdesk with your ticket (remember to always keep your printed ticket on you so you can recover your data): we will deactivate your lost wristband and give you a new one with all services ready. Remember that losing your wristband is like losing your ticket or wallet, and can be used by someone else; please try to not lose it.

Yes, both the wristband and the RFID/NFC chip, incorporated inside the wristband, are water resistant.

Yes, the intelligent wristband uses PayPal technology, guaranteeing a safe payment method and advanced antifraud systems.

Thanks to the chip found inside the wristband we can prevent fraud and ticket falsification. Each wristband and its chip are personal and non-transferable.

You will find a number of information points at Bilbao BBK Live. Our staff will be there to help you. You can also get in touch with us by sending an email to