Azkena Rock Festival 2021

16, 17 & 18.06.2022 Vitoria~Gasteiz



Useful info

Camping Area

Las campas de Mendizabala (Fields of Mendizabala) is part of the Vitoria-Gasteiz green ring.

The green ring is the result of an ambitious project that began in the early 90s of last century with the main objective to restore and recover the outskirts of Vitoria-Gasteiz, both environmentally and socially, to create a green recreational area around the city.

Camping 10 €
Zona acampada en Azkena Rock Festival


  • The tents should have a less than 8 square meters to place in the streets that enable size. Tents of a superior size, neither advances nor jaimas not be accepted, etc.
  • In the camping area there will be personnel charge of the streets, distributing shops, etc … The organization reserves the right of admission of the camping area all those who do not comply with the conditions of the staff of the Organization or those bothering the other attendees at the camping area, and if it can reasonably assumed that it will involve a risk or danger to the carrier itself or other attendees, riot or state of apparent intoxication or potential, the carrier personally responsibility in all cases with their own actions and omissions causing injury to persons or damage to.
  • As in all previous editions, you can not access the camping area in private vehicles (caravans, caravans, vans, cars, motorcycles, etc.). Vehicles must be left in parking areas.
  • Camp outside the limitations established in the area of Mount enabled is strictly prohibited and carries administrative fine.
  • This space can enter food and drink (not to the festival site), but is forbidden to fire and the introduction of camping-gas or like and attendees are requested to make use of the bins.


Yes! You can now purchase your store in section Glamping.

Yes! There’s an area with tables, chairs and shade.

There will be no cash machines at the venue. The only payment method at the festival will be cashless, but you will be able to recharge your wristband at the designated points using your credit card or cash.

The camping area opens on Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and closes on Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

Yes. But please do not leave anything of value in stores, because the festival is not responsible for lost items.