Azkena Rock Festival 2021

16, 17 & 18.06.2022 Vitoria~Gasteiz




Azkena Rock Festival The Faithless

The Faithless

The Faithless are a hard rock and metal quartet formed in Gasteiz in 2015 who after touring the Iberian Peninsula now get to play the home field this Azkena Rock Festival. All members hail from well-known bands in the Gasteiz music scene (13 Left to Die, Stone Keys, UTM, Rock Dam, Avalon, Killing Valerie23…) and since the band’s inception have released two albums, To the End… and Fighting the Shadows, the latter with a more aggressive edge than its predecessor and on which they reveal a broad range of influences and registers, including pure trash as well as acoustic ballads, along with some more rock-oriented tracks.