Azkena Rock Festival 2021

17/18/19 JUNE 2021




One of the pioneering female rockers of the early Seventies will be performing in Vitoria for her first ever show in Spain (TBC), with a career-spanning setlist featuring ‘Can The Can,’ ’48 Crash’ and ‘Stumblin’in,’ among other hits. Suzy Cuatro learnt to play her Fender Precision when she was fourteen, and after a stint with The Pleasure Seekers in her Michigan hometown, she travelled to England to launch her solo career with producer Mickie Most, from RAK Records. Quatro took the glam scene in her stride and was, without a doubt, one of the first female musicians to embrace the loud and rebellious lifestyle of the time, becoming an inspiration for future bands including L7, The Donnas, Hole, Joan Jett and The Runaways.