Azkena Rock Festival 2019

21/22 JUNE 2019



Azkena Rock Festival Music Música Spain España Man or astroman

Man Or Astro-Man?

Based on autobiographical data, Man Or Astro-Man? are a group of extra-terrestrials that crashed in Alabama and infiltrated human society as a surf-punk-rock band. Thereby all the sci-fi references in their appearance and songs, and their extravagant, energetic and, of course, fun live shows. They released several records in the 90s on labels such as Touch & Go or Epitaph, and their impact in Europe is reflected in their sessions for John Peel, which they recorded on up to eight occasions. Following a few years with no news, in 2013 they published their seventh record and became active again. They now attend ARF’18 in top form.