Azkena Rock Festival 2019

21/22 JUNE 2019



Azkena Rock Festival Music Música Spain España Trashville Hombre Lobo Internacional

Hombre Lobo Internacional

Hombre Lobo Internacional is a ‘One Wolfman Band’. He plays the drums with his feet, the guitar with his hands and howls to the full moon with his repertoire of trash ´n´ roll. His favourite victims are humans passionate about primitive, dirty and insatiable rock and roll. His attacks are performed live, where he viscerally spreads his own compositions and covers of Hasil Adkins, The Ramones, The Isley Brothers and Frank Sinatra amongst others… His concerts are wild, he is savage and so are his public. At Trashville, the most savage scene at the Azkena Rock Festival, he’ll feel right at home.