Azkena Rock Festival 2019

21/22 JUNE 2019



Azkena Rock Festival Music Música Spain España Gluecifer


Gluecifer is one of the essential names on the Scandinavian rock scene together with The Hellacopters, Turbonegro (also set to play at Azkena this year), and Backyard Babies. ‘Soaring With The Eagles At Night, To Rise With The Pigs In The Morning’ is an essential record in the history of rock and a symbol of the band’s greatness, which returns with its original lineup, notable for its infallible frontman, Biff Malibu, who imprints unparalleled energy on his power-hard-punk-rock, adored by the press and the public alike until their breakup in 2005. Gluecifer’s reunion is without a doubt one of the most anticipated, the band will be playing exclusively in Spain at the ARF and has the following message for their audience:

“Gluecifer said goodbye to the world in 2005. Since then many people have asked if we would ever get back together. This fall Captain Poon, Raldo, Danny and Biff met to talk this over for the first time since the band broke up. We decided that the possibility to get together and play our songs for a dedicated audience at the Azkena Rock Festival was something we all would like to do. So here we are, back in the rehearsal room, getting ready to relive an important time in our lives. Together with you. See you at Azkena”. Gluecifer.