Azkena Rock Festival 2021

16, 17 & 18.06.2022 Vitoria~Gasteiz




Azkena Rock Festival Fu Manchu


Originally formed in 1985 under the name Virulence as a hardcore-punk band, FU MANCHU has become a big name in alternative rock since the release of their first single, Kept Between Trees. Along with bands such as Kyuss, Monster Magnet, and Sleep, they helped establish an iconic style of heavy, desert-inspired music that was dubbed “stoner rock”, still bearing great influence today.

Since the band’s formation, the foursome’s fans have mushroomed into a veritable throng, drawn by their fat guitars and lyrics about topics such as “old hot rods, helicopters, vans, skateboards, and science fiction”. Last year the modern heirs of “fuzz-rock” embarked on their next chapter with the launch of a new album, Clone of the Universe, number 12 in the solid career of a band who has always stuck to their guns. Rocking harder than ever, Fu Manchu promise to blow more than one mind with their scorching live show at next year’s Azkena Rock Festival.